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lessonsKCKicking's lessons give a student an understanding of proper fundamentals and mechanics as well as prepare them for the mental aspects of special teams play. Lessons are engaging, structured, and enjoyable, to ensure that you have the best opportunity to improve as a specialist.

KCKicking’s coaches have several years of playing experience in the National Football League and in major College conferences (SEC and B12). The goal for each lesson is to ensure each student has a thorough understanding of proper kicking mechanics, learn how to interpret feedback given to you based on the result of each kick, and implement corrections in a manor which will carry-over from the practice field to game day.


Private Lessons

Jeff Wolfert individual instructionOur private lessons are truly "private". You'll get one-on-one attention the entire session. No type of instruction compares to the benefits you receive from an individually tailored training session. With private lessons, you have the option of purchasing a DVD copy of the entire lesson, kick by kick with all coaching points captured utilizing a wireless microphone. More details are below.

  • One-on-One
  • Drill Work
  • Athlete specific instruction
  • On site video review and analysis
  • 60 minutes
  • Coached on 35-40 balls
  • Lesson Rate - $150


Group Training Program

KCKicking now offers group training which incorporates EMVP’s Kicking Velocity Program to help its athletes increase strength, endurance and the leg speed necessary to take their kicking game to the next level!

EMVP KCKicking kick training

Within your body you have what is called a 'kinetic chain'. The body is made up of joints, bones and muscles that all function together; it is the same idea as individual links in a chain. Each must be strong in order to work properly. For the kicking athlete, the kinetic chain sequence starts from the first push off the grass to the follow through. EMVP’s 4 Stage Kicking Velocity Program, with the use of their SureFit Leg Weights, focuses on strengthening this chain piece by piece. They do this by starting the athlete with a functional strength stage; where they perform their actual on the field movements. They follow this with specific exercises selected and compiled by EMVP’s team of current and former professional athletes as well as certified sports physiotherapists. By combining functional training, new exercises, commonly used exercises, and specific rehabilitative exercises they are ensuring that our athletes are getting a well rounded workout, strengthening the entire kinetic chain.

  • (6) group training sessions w/ EMVP’s SureFit leg weights run by Coach Wolfert
  • Use of EMVP’s SureFit leg weights (no purchase necessary)
  • Athlete specific instruction/training
  • View 2017 program PDF here


Classroom - Video Review

videoreviewsetupAudiovisual material provides a rich medium for teaching and learning. Video review allows the coach to effectively communicate complex information to the athlete. These classroom sessions are paired with kicking lessons. During the field work portion of the lesson, coach will be wearing a wireless microphone and will setup the video camera to capture the entire session. Key portions of the lesson will be analyzed using features such as slow-motion analysis and side-by-side kick comparisons. The video review is also supplemented with a PowerPoint presentation which highlights the mechanics and technique utilized by current NFL specialists. Each athlete will receive a DVD copy of the session.

  • Slow-motion analysis
  • Side-by-side kick comparisons
  • Study NFL kickers via PowerPoint presentation
  • 60 minutes
  • Provided a DVD copy
  • Lesson Rate - $150


Group Lessons

Coach Wolfert instructionThe greatest advantage to group lessons is they are our cheapest lesson option. Athletes are paired with other athletes who are at the same kicking level (when possible). Group lessons allow for social interaction between athletes and learning can be enhanced when watching peers try skills and similar tasks. Competitive games are often utilize during these lessons.

  • Up to a 3:1 athlete to coach ratio
  • Drill Work
  • Instruction tailored to the needs of the group.
  • On site video review and analysis
  • 60 minutes
  • Coached on 25-30 balls
  • Lesson Rate - $100

*First-time students must attend a private lesson for their first session.

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Meet the KCKicking team

Our team consists of current or recent professional athletes
who love what they do and always look forward to helping young kickers/punters/snappers reach their dreams.

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