Instructional Camp - Kansas City, 6/23/13



Camp Awards

MVP: Aaron Twarog
Most Improved: Trenton Long
Last man Standing FG: Doug Kellerman & Danny Spencer
Punt Champion: Luke Theis
Kickoff Champion: Paul Wolff & Aaron Twarog
FG Champion: Sam Aviles & Aaron Twarog

Weather: Partly Sunny and 88 degrees, 5 mph winds

Our Instructional Camps are designed to be beneficial for age groups ranging from Middle school through high school. The campers were split into groups and the instruction was tailored specifically to each athlete we saw. We covered the basic techniques as well as help develop those athletes which required some more advanced training and instruction.

Along with providing instruction, there were multiple kicking and punting competitions throughout the day including: Last man standing competition, punting competition, kickoff competition and field goal charting competition.

The pool of talent at this instructional camp was quite impressive. We had athletes ranging from high school graduating class of 2017 through class of 2013. Kicker Danny Spencer, incoming Avila University freshman, showed his leg strength and accuracy in the morning as he won the last man standing field goal competition. Doug Kellerman has continued to impress us as we've seen him progress throughout various lessons and camps. He won the last man standing competition for the underclassmen kickers. It came as no surprise that Luke Theis was victorious in the punting competition, as he demonstrated power and technique that couldn't be matched. A few more of the underclassmen that made a solid showing were Paul Wolff (destroys his kickoffs!) and Sam Aviles (2nd year straight at winning the underclassmen field goal charting competition). Our most valuable player award went to kicker/punter Aaron Twarog as he had a brilliant afternoon winning both the kickoff competition and upperclassmen field goal charting competition. Others who showed well include: Kevin Hoke, Troy Burgett, Trenton Long, Perry Schmiedeler, Emerson Womble, Laine Sly, Tanner MArtin, Ryan Pedersen and Zach Drake.

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Meet the KCKicking team

Our team consists of current or recent professional athletes
who love what they do and always look forward to helping young kickers/punters/snappers reach their dreams.

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