Elite Performance Camp



June 20, 2015


Kansas City


90 degrees


Sunny, wind up to 12 mph

Camp Awards

FIELD GOAL:  Sam Aviles
KICKOFF:  Sam Aviles
PUNT:  Matt Thorman
BIG HIT:  Matt Thorman


The Elite Performance Camps are an opportunity for specialists to display their abilities in the highest competitive environment possible. Every player will get professionally rated as well as ranked amongst other prospective kickers/punters in their class. We update our rankings three times per year (June, August & December). Our ratings and rankings for each recruiting class can be seen on the Prospect Rankings tab of our website. The results from the Elite Performance Camps are sent to over a 1,000 different schools in the D-1, D1-AA, D-2, D-3, NAIA and JUCO divisions, and are posted on athletes' individual profile pages hosted on

The Elite Performance Camps are a hybrid of our College-Prep Showcases and Instructional Camps. We've taken the best qualities of each and combined them to make this special event. Athletes will get an opportunity to improve their ratings and rankings (which previously could only be done at College-Prep Showcases), get fresh film of their current abilities, and most importantly, receive countless hours of focused instruction via field and classroom work. The primary focus of this camp is DEVELOPMENT & EXPOSURE.

Our first Elite Performance Camp event of the 2015 Summer Tour was awesome! We had 20 kickers and punters attend with most of them from within a couple hours of Kansas City. Our kickers showed up big time for our field goal competition. Our 2014 College-Prep Showcase field goal champion, Sam Aviles, followed up his December showing with another great field goal charting session. He went, again, a perfect 8-8. Chandler Doss and Jake Roark went 7-8 and Ben Styron, Bryce Stone and Skylar Grissom went an impressive 6-8. Our kickoff competition saw some big numbers. Sam Aviles, Jake Roark and Parker Lacina had the best scores (calculation of hang-times and distances). Matt Thorman, Jake Roark and Gage Romans performed the best in the field in the punting competition. Our end of camp, last man standing competition proved to be exciting and highly competitive. The wind picked up to around 12 mph, so we brought out the big legs and pushed everyone back. Kegan Lammering gave Coach Wolfert a run for his money by hitting a 55 yard FG. Coach Wolfert hit from 55 and then also hit a 56 yarder. Kegan Lammering is our Last Man Standing competition winner. Perhaps he'll get Coach Wolfert next year from beyond 56 yards!

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Meet the KCKicking team

Our team consists of current or recent professional athletes
who love what they do and always look forward to helping young kickers/punters/snappers reach their dreams.

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