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KCKicking 2013 College-Prep Showcase



Camp Awards

Field Goal:   Nick Bartolotta
Kickoff:   Nick Bartolotta
Punt:   Cole Moos

Every year, KCKicking hosts one College-Prep Showcase. This showcase is an opportunity for specialists to display their abilities in a highly competitive environment, while receiving a rating, as well as a ranking amongst other prospective kickers/punters/snappers in their graduating class. Our ratings and rankings for each recruiting class can be seen on the Prospect Rankings tab of our website.

We had an exciting weekend at the KCKicking 2013 College-Prep Showcase held in St. Joseph, MO. On December 7th, the preliminary punting round was held outdoors in 15 degree weather, which made it hard to handle the snaps and difficult to get the balls to fly very far or high. Nonetheless, this is football and at times, football is played in some of the most brutal conditions! We hosted the instructional camp, field goal and kickoff competitions at the indoor facility at Missouri Western State University. Being indoors proved extremely valuable considering we had near 3 inches of snow fall during the first night of our Showcase weekend!



68 degrees (indoors), 15 degrees (outdoors)


Sunny and no wind

Noteworthy Performances:

Nick Bartolotta field goal championThe field goal event consisted of a preliminary round and a finals round, with the top 10 kickers from the prelim round qualifying for the finals. Alex Castillo was the only kicker that went a perfect 8/8 during the prelims, while Jacob Meeks, Logan Brettell & Harrison Martin went 7/8.  The other participants who made it to the finals round were: Wyatt Clevenger (aka Mr. Consistent - each and every ball always looks the same!), AJ LaRocca (technically sound, fluid swing and very competitive), Reece Tholen (crushed the ball throughout the Showcase event and has made tremendous improvements over the course of the past year), Lane Clark (reigning KCKicking Spring Showcase field goal Champion stepped up to the plate once again), Tanner Martin (may have put together the most impressive, two-charting period performance of all of the Showcase participants), Dakota Lebofsky and Thomas Martin. At the first finals round, we ended up with a three-way tie, so we put each of these participants in a sudden death, make-or-go home situation. Nick Bartolotta, Tanner Martin and Alex Castillo all made their kick from the first spot (50-yarder from the middle). Nick Bartolotta was the only participant who was successful on the last spot (51-yarder from the middle), so he was crowned the KCKicking 2013 College-Prep Showcase field goal Champion. Congratulations to Nick who performed extremely well throughout the entire showcase!

nick bartolotta kickoff championThe kickoff competition proved to be extremely competitive as well. We had two participants who hit a few balls with a hangtime of over 4.0 seconds (Nick Bartolotta and Thomas Martin). Others who excelled during the kickoff competition were: Austin Dodd (the highest placing participant from the class of 2014 and younger), Troy Burgett (in each of the past three Showcases, Troy has placed within the top during the kickoff portion of the events), Tanner Martin (made significant improvements on his kickoffs since working with KCKicking), Lane Clark and Josh Pasley. By averaging 67 yards and 3.81 second hang-time over his four kickoffs, Nick Bartolotta was crowned the KCKicking 2013 College-Prep Showcase Kickoff Champion. Remember, we were using brand new footballs and there was NO wind element!

Cole Moos punt championWe had two athletes who stood out during our punt competition: Cole Moos and Justin Marcha. Cole was our leader after the punting preliminary round and also came out on top after the finals round. Cole turned over a bunch of balls and clearly had the ability to punt at a high level. The conditions were extremely tough, but he was still able to stay true to his form and technique, and put up decent numbers. Justin finished second in our Spring College-Prep Showcase and almost won this Winter Showcase. If it weren't for Justin blasting four balls into the indoor facility's roof during the finals round, these competition results may have looked a little different! Other participants who made the finals round were as follows: Frederik Vinkler, Trenton Long, Jared Vincent, J. Morgan Davis, Nicholas Wohlgemuth, Tristan Bailey and Jackson Walker.



Kick-Off Top 10 Finalists:


Punt Top 10 Finalists:

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