Winter 2012 College-Prep Showcase

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Heavy morning fog until 10am. Sunny the rest of the day. 0-2 mph wind from the west.

The Winter 2012 College-Prep Showcase was held in Kansas City on December 1st - 2nd, 2012. With 107 athletes in attendance, the midwest was well represented, including participants from the states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois, and Colorado! This showcase was an opportunity for specialists to display their abilities in the highest competitive environment possible. Every player will was professionally rated as well as ranked amongst other prospective kickers/punters/long snappers in their class. Results from the showcase were sent to over a 1000 different schools in the D-1, D1-AA, D-2, D-3, NAIA and JUCO divisions, as well as be posted to our website and to the athlete’s individual profile pages.

Noteworthy Performances:
With just about half of our athletes in attendance being seniors (recruiting class of 2013), there were a lot of guys looking to make a statement and prove to our coaching staff that they had what it took to play College football. There is no doubt that a ton of the seniors will have opportunities to play football beyond high school, with many of them receiving football scholarships. Preston Soper, hands down, had the best performance of the weekend. Not only was he named the Field-Goal ChampionPunt Champion, he also had the 2nd best kickoffs. This is the best performance KCKicking has seen in the past three years by any athlete in our events. Preston will have a handful of division 1 schools recruiting him and we expect Preston to pickup his first scholarship offer soon. (Update: 2/15/13- Preston has committed to the Univ. of Missouri). For the second College-Prep Showcase in a row, Scott Agee was crowned the Kickoff Champion. With a 6'3"+ frame, Scott demonstrates the ability to bang the ball deep into the endzone time and time again. He's shown for over a year now the power to hit 4.0 second hang-time kicks. Coming off of an impressive performance at one of our Instructional camps last summer, Zach Decker was looking to impress at this showcase. Unfortunately for him, he was a little bit "under the weather". Even without being at his best, Zach performed well enough to beat all of participants in the punt competition, earning himself Punt Champion. Not only did he bomb punts all day long, he also made it into the finals field-goal round (top 10 kickers compete in the finals). Some other noteable performances were made by Zach Barwick (lead all field-goal competitors after the preliminary round), Wes Nail (stood out as possibly our best true punter), Connor Kindred (made an impression in both field-goals and punting), and Alex Langer (one of our most fundamentally sound athletes, placed well in both the field-goal and punting competitions).

Field-Goal Top 10 Finalists:
Preston Soper, Connor Kindred, Dominic Bucher-Jones, Ryan Weese, Alex Langer, Bailey Landwehr, Mitch Tittone, Zach Barwick, Zach Decker and Fredrick Kirkhang.

Punting Top 10 Finalists:
Zach Decker, Preston Soper, Connor Kindred, Brock Skow, Christian Torres, Joey Reed, Ian Kelley, Kolton Brown, Raul Garcia, and Gage Smith.

Kick-offs Top 10 Finalists:
Scott Agee, Preston Soper, Alex Langer, Connor Kindred, Nathan Criswell, Carson Hemphill, Benjamin Lewis, Andrew Kimrey, Troy Burgett, and Turner Adams.

Snapping Champion:
Gray Harker

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