Spring 2012 College-Prep Showcase

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The Spring 2012 College-Prep Showcase was held in Columbia, MO (next to Univ. of Missouri) on March 31st - April 1st, 2012. The midwest was well represented, including participants from the states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, and Illinois. This showcase was an opportunity for specialists to display their abilities in the highest competitive environment possible. We had some seniors who still hadn't found a College to play for, so they used this showcase as a "last chance" effort to get the College exposure they needed. The majority of our athletes were in the junior class (class of 2013) looking to make an early impression as they head into the summer recruiting season. Every player will was professionally rated as well as ranked amongst other prospective kickers/punters/long snappers in their class. Results from the showcase were sent to over a 1000 different schools in the D-1, D1-AA, D-2, D-3, NAIA and JUCO divisions, as well as be posted to our website and to the athlete’s individual profile pages.

Noteworthy Performances:
There were a lot of guys looking to make a statement and prove to our coaching staff that they had what it took to play College football.

Field-Goal Top 10 Finalists:
Nathan Lee, Andrew Brown, Spencer Truman, Chase Capron, Jake Brasfield, Josh Pasley, Alex Allen, Cameron Corken, Andrew Fishel, and Tyler Willms.

Punting Top 10 Finalists:
Sam Kuhter, Jake Brasfield, Austin Rowe, Scott Agee, Ian Kelley, Reid Chapman, Luke Theis, Salvatore Ingargiola, and Andrew Fishel.

Kick-offs Top 10 Finalists:
Scott Agee, Jake Brasfield, Josh Pasley, Nick Bartolotta, Nathan Lee, Chase Capron, Alex Allen, Austin Rowe, Spencer Truman, and Andrew Brown.

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