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Special teams players often struggle to get the recognition and exposure they need to play at the collegiate level. This lack of exposure is often due to a head coaches’ aversion to kicking field goals, a team’s inability to get into scoring position on a regular basis, or poor snaps, holds and blocking from other teammates. All of these variables directly contribute to having a lack of quality film and can ultimately impact your ability to market yourself to College coaches. Company founder and director, Jeff Wolfert, encountered these difficulties firsthand, which led to him recognizing the need for a company like KCKicking.

KCKicking is committed to providing kickers and punters the best learning opportunities available and specializes in converting our athletes from "High School Recruit" to "College Football Commit” by offering College-Prep Showcases, Elite Performance Camps, and private and group lessons.

  • KCKicking’s annual College-Prep Showcase gives kickers/punters the opportunity to display their abilities in a highly competitive environment and to obtain film to include in their College recruiting highlight reel. This showcase features the best kicking/punting talent in the Midwest. 

  • KCKicking’s Elite Performance Camps are a hybrid of our College-Prep Showcases and Instructional Camps. We've taken the best qualities of each and combined them to make this special event. Athletes will get an opportunity to improve their ratings and rankings, get fresh film of their current abilities, and most importantly, receive countless hours of focused instruction via field and classroom work.

  • Coach Wolfert offers private and group lessons at several locations in Kansas and Missouri. Lessons give students an understanding of proper fundamentals and mechanics, as well as help prepare them for the mental aspects of special teams play.


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Meet the KCKicking team

Our team consists of current or recent professional athletes
who love what they do and always look forward to helping young kickers/punters/snappers reach their dreams.

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