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KCKicking’s evaluation of a prospect is reflected in two ways: rankings and ratings. Previously, the only way to improve your ranking and rating with KCKicking was to attend a College-Prep Showcase; however, due to increased demand, we now provide additional opportunities to increase individual standings. Rankings and ratings are both updated three times per year, after the College-Prep Showcase and Elite Performance Camps (January, June and August).

KCKicking uses this star rating scale to assess a prospect's current level of play.
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Ranking Prospect Ht/Wt                                                   Testimonial St   Commitment
 Oscar Castruita
Oscar demonstrated a strong leg at our 2017 CPS. He had the best kickoff chart in his class. His best ball was a 3.79 hang, 63 yd ball. He hits his field goals from the ground and shows excellent ball striking ability. He needs to reduce his steps to a consistent 3-step approach to bring his get off times into a respectable range. Oscar is still developing his punting skills. He can hit some long punts, but his hang-times are not high enough to cover the punt properly. If he changes his steps to go more directly down field, this should help him get better hang-time punts. With a couple years of development, Oscar could be a great College prospect.
 Dietrick Stolz
Dietrick had a very impressive showing at the 2017 CPS. He charted the best in his class during the field goal event. He made the FG finals and went a combined 14 out of 16 kicks, only missing kicks from 45 yards and beyond. As of the Showcase, he is our most talented field goal kicker in his class. Once he adds some distance and hang to his kickoffs, he will be competing for top honors in his class. Dietrick showed he can be an explosive punter. Shortening his steps will help him harness his energy and become more consistent. Keep an eye on Dietrick as he continues to develop his skills!
 Andrew Anello
Andrew has good fundamentals and is able to generate a lot of power even though he has a small frame. He is one of the best ball strikers in his class. At the 2017 CPS, he made the finals (best 10 kickers at the event). He was 1 of 2 class of 2020 kickers who hit the 50 yard field goal. He produces good distance on his kickoffs, but over the next few years Andrew needs to improve his hang-time. Andrew is serviceable as a punter but his skills are most suited as kicker.
 Huxley Richardson
Huxley competed at our 2017 CPS in field goals, kickoffs and punts. On field goals, he demonstrated the ability to hit a 50 yard field goal. His ball striking is inconsistent at times, but is also capable of hitting a clean ball. He currently hits from a 1 inch block but should be able to transition to the ground well. He sits, or crunches, a bit at ball strike. He can improve his swing by standing taller through his spine at ball strike. On punts, Huxley needs to work on a swing that is more vertical and doesn't cross his chest. His swing gets jammed in this crossing action. With improvement on his punt mechanics, he has the leg to hit some big balls. Watch for Huxley to improve his craft and climb the rankings!
 Spencer Rivera
Spencer demonstrates solid fundamentals and consistency in his mechanics. He has a fluid leg swing on field goals. If Spencer keeps his hips turned in towards the ball on his field goals longer, he will find more power and hit his line more consistently. He has a good base for his kickoffs. More reps and building explosive strength will further improve his hang and distance. Spencer is an effective punter. His steps look good and he shows good extension in his swing. Just as with kickoffs, reps and being more explosive will help him realize gains in this area. Spencer is a talented kicker which can be serviceable in a punting role if needed.
 Seth Gregg
Seth competed at our 2017 CPS and participated in the field goal, kickoff and punt charting events. On the field goal charting, he had good strikes with his misses being very close. He has a good frame for kicking and punting. For field goals and kickoffs, it will help him to turn his kicking foot over slightly so he can drive the ball more with his quad muscles instead of his groin. This will improve his range on field goals and improve his production on distance and hang for kickoffs. To improve on punting, he needs to shorten his steps and speed up his approach. Ultimately, the force he creates with his swing should pull him off the ground. Seth has some time to develop and we are excited to monitor his progression along the way!
 Jacob Caron
Jacob is a new to kicking and is eager to learn. Improving his ball striking skills will help him the most in all three phases of the kicking game. The more he can practice and get his foot on the ball, the better. He will need to work on his quad, hip and hamstring flexibility as his swinging motions look to be tight. Look for Jacob to hone in on his fundamentals and become a polished specialist.
 Connor Sheehan
Connor is very coach-able and has an excellent attitude towards kicking. His technique and mechanics need a little work as he is still new to kicking. A more fluid "up and thru" swing will make his field goals more consistent. Connor will benefit from overall athletic development. Excited to see how Connor develops for many years to come!

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