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KCKicking’s evaluation of a prospect is reflected in two ways: rankings and ratings. Previously, the only way to improve your ranking and rating with KCKicking was to attend a College-Prep Showcase; however, due to increased demand, we now provide additional opportunities to increase individual standings. Rankings and ratings are both updated three times per year, after the College-Prep Showcase and Elite Performance Camps (January, June and August).

KCKicking uses this star rating scale to assess a prospect's current level of play.
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Rankiing Prospect Ht/Wt                                                   Testimonial St   Commitment
 Mykal Wiley
Mykal put on a phenomonal performance at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase. He proved to be the best 2019 participant at the event, but also the bet 2019 prospect we have worked with. He finished tied for 5th in the field goal competition (out of 90 kickers). He is a rangy kicker who shows he is explosive and has solid range for his age. The ball explodes off his foot. His mechancis are solid and teechnique is productive for him. He is also a capable punter. We would like to see him increase his tempo and aggressiveness through ball contact on punts. With some gains in the weight room, Mykal can be one of the best kickers in his class in the nation. Huge prospect with a ton of potential! We are excited to see Mykal's progress over the next few years and help him realize his dream of playing College football!
 Kameron Lake
Kameron first worked with KCK in the summer of 2016. At his charting session, he showed raw mechanics but excellent ball striking ability. After a 1-day camp, his mechanics immediately improved and he developed a repeatable routine. He gets excellent height on his field goals as well as pure ball rotation. He needs to become more explosive on his kickoff follow-through and continually land on his kicking leg after ball contact. He has not developed his punting skills yet. He needs to catch the snap and immediately start moving forward, eliminating his false step backwards. Very promising prospect!
 Sidney Maroon
Sidney has the potential to be a good high school kicker. He has a good leg and shows he can makes kicks. His approach on kickoffs is solid and he is able to drive up and through the ball. As he continues to get stronger and improve his technique and consistency, he will move up the rankings. He is a pleasure to work with.
 Angel Agustin
Angel is a quality high school kicker. He makes solid ball contact and has excellent ball striking skills. He showed us at the 2016 College-Prep Showcase he can make a lot of kicks. He has good range for his age. With hard work in the upcoming Spring and Summer, Angel can develop into one of the better kickers in his class. He has a bright future.
 Cole Junker
Cole competed at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase and showed he is a disciplined kicker and has developed solid, repeatable mechanics. He is a young and developing kicker. He hit all field goals from 40 yards and in at the showcase. To improve his range, he will need to be more aggressive with his lean-off while planting his plant foot. To see increased production on his kickoffs, he will need to increase his speed to the ball and increase his lean off here as well. Cole is a fine young man with a promising future. We look forward to working with and evaluating Cole as he pursues a College football career!
 Corben Mahaffy
Corben showed well at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase. He is an explosive kicker and can hit the ball well on both field goals and kickoffs. He develops aggressive momentum on his kickoffs and can hit it deep. At times, he hits his field goals pure. Further development on his technique will help Corben be more consistent on his ball strikes. Corben is a talented kicker who has a bright future. Hard work in the off season could put Corben in a position to be competing among the best kickers in his class!
 Jacinto Esteban
Jacinto is developing kicker who already shows excellent technique and the ability to compete under pressure. His leg swing and mechancis are smooth and makes kicking look easy. He stays true to his form on longer kicks. As he grows and matures as an athlete, his range on field goals and kickoffs will increase. We are very excited to see what the future holds for Jacinto. Very fine young man and determined kicker.
 Alex Felkins
Alex has the size and growth potential to develop into a great kicker. He is already working his FGs from the ground. Improving his athleticism will increase his leg speed, coordination, and balance. This will help him become a more refined and repeatable kicker. We look forward watching Alex's progress over the next 4 years.
 Pat Williams
Pat competed at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase. He showed us the ability to make solid ball contact at times. He is a young kicker and has a lot of room to grow. He will drive the ball better when he starts to transition to hitting field goals from the ground. He would benefit from developing longer steps on kickoffs and transferring more momentum and power into his kickoffs. With hard work in the offseason, Pat can climb the rankings.
 Andrew Thomas
Andrew is a talented kicker. He is still a bit raw, but there is potential here. Field goals and kickoffs are both strong at times. With continued hard work on his technique and overall consistency, he will compete with some of the top kickers in this class. He would benefit from being more aggressive in his approach on both field goals and kickoffs. He needs to develop his mechanics on punting to become more productive in this area. One to keep a close eye on for years to come.
 Adrian Hernandez
Adrian is a developing young kicker. He competed at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase. A good athlete with a strong leg. A hard worker that will only continue to improve. He shows the ability to hit a field goal from 45 yards. As he improves his kickoffs, he will quickly jump in rating and rankings. Is a pleasure to work with.
 Trae Koetter
Trae showed well at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase. He showed the ability to hit some field goals. He would benefit from increasing his lean-off on both field goals and kickoffs. This should help him develop his range in both of these areas. He showed good hands in punting. We would like to see him utilize more of a handshake ball mold and drop. He is able to turn some balls over. Trae is a good high school kicker that shows a lot of promise. We look forward to monitoring Trae's progress the next couple of years and seeing him climb the rankings!
 Lucius Negrillo
Lucius competed at our 2016 College-Prep Showcase. It was encouraging to see him kicking field goals from the ground at this age. He is raw and need some work on his fundamentals, but appears to have the skill set to be a good high school kicker. He competed in all three kicking skills at the showcase. With hard work in the off season and improvement on his fundamentals, Lucius could see huge improvement in a short amount of time. Lucius is a pleasure to work with and a fine young man.
 Spencer Grosz
Spencer began weekly training with KCK in the Summer of 2016. He has improved his mechanics and technique. He gets good ball rotation and height when his approach and follow-through are consistent. His productive slides when he starts to show inconsistencies with his follow-through routine. On kickoffs, he generates excellent speed to the ball and hits it well at times. We want him to work on the timing of his push through on his plant foot so he can explode through the ball more effectively. He needs to work on his rhythm, steps and mold to become a more productive punter.
 Grant Ross
Grant showed great form, power, and accuracy at the camp in Wichita. He was able to hang with kickers 5 years older than him. As Grant matures physically, he will increase his range. Excited to monitor his progress and help him along the journey!
 Cameron Stone
Cameron is coachable and eager to improve his kicking. He commits to his field goal technique no matter what distance he is attempting. His kickoff setup and approach need some fine tuning in order to keep his tempo, stride length and steps consistent. We'd like to see him hurdle through the ball-strike more aggressively upwards and down-field. Bringing more speed to the ball will help. Overall athletic improvement and building flexibility and strength will help Cameron in all areas of kicking and punting. At punts, he is good at driving his leg upwards instead of across. This will help him through his development. We'd like to see him catch the snaps out in front of him with his thumbs up. It will help to mold the ball parallel to the ground (avoid nose diving down). With hard work and dedication, Cameron could see significant results in a short amount of time!

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