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To better familiarize you with KCKicking’s prospect profile pages, we’ve provided the answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact Coach Wolfert at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What information can be found on my profile page?

  • Bio –  Headshot and general information such as: height, weight, school, graduation year, etc.
  • Video –  Footage can obtained by: 
  • Dari Kick Swing Analysis – Data collected from our kicker's swing as it relates to power generated from their swing as well as the consistency of their movement patterns during their swing. Reports are generated complimentary for our College-Prep Showcase participants and is available at all lessons and camps. Learn more here.
  • Testimonial – Testimonials are updated after attending any KCKicking event and are based on Coach Wolfert’s assessment of your abilities.
  • Rating –  Ratings are obtained by attending a private lesson with Coach Wolfert, an Elite Performance Camp, or our College-Prep Showcase.
  • Accolades –  Update your accolades by logging into the website and visiting your profile page. (These accolades can include any high school or competitive awards you have received.)

How should I use my profile page?
Your profile page should act as a one-stop-shop for College recruiters looking to learn more about you and wanting to view your film. Because your profile acts as your “ personal advertisement” to recruiters, make sure that all of your information is up to date and your film displays your current skill level. If you do not have any film on your profile page or are unsatisfied with film currently on your profile page, we encourage you attend our College-Prep Showcase and/or obtain footage from an Elite Performance Camp or private lesson.

What do KCKicking’s ratings mean for you as a prospect?
Colleges recruiters from all NCAA divisions, NAIA programs and Junior Colleges often visit our website to recruit future specialists for their football teams (our top prospects sometimes receive over 700 page visits!). Based on KCKicking’s Star Rating System, schools can tell what level a prospect is currently performing at. Please note that these ratings are subject to change based on Coach Wolfert’s assessment of your performance at our College-Prep Showcase and/or obtain footage from an Elite Performance Camp or private lesson.

How do I receive or change my ranking?
Rankings are only updated based on your performance at our College-Prep Showcase or an Elite Performance Camp. Rankings are updated three times per year (January, June, August).


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